Overview of Business Services   

Business Relocation Specialist

Packing Service

As the relocation specialists, many clients prefer Allied do all the packing for them, causing minimal disruption to your organisation and your employees. Using our own highly protective packing materials, our highly trained packers can pack libraries, kitchens, boardrooms, artwork, displays and carry out general packing as required. Packers can also completely unpack all goods at the new location.

Internal Relocation Service

No matter whether you’re relocation involves moving on the same floor or to a different floor, we will supply a dedicated removals team to complete the move in a timely and efficient manner.

Heavy / Large Item Relocation Service

Items such as safes, mainframe computers and boardroom tables are moved by Allied’s highly trained relocation specialists using specialised lifting equipment designed to ensure safety and the condition of those items.

Asset Relocation

Many businesses require the occasional deployment of assets and equipment for a specific project including workstations, computers, files, or marketing display materials. By using Allied’s storage facilities and interstate transport systems, these items are never far away from your employees or contractors.

Handyman Service

Your need to dismantle workstations and reception counters or install shelving systems and hang pictures prior to or subsequent to your relocation is taken care of by Allied’s Handyman Services.

Security Destruction

For the destruction of secure and confidential documents, paper and plastics, we will provide you with the resources to collect your sensitive documents in-house. Sensitive documents are then collected and destroyed by approved contractors on a pre-arranged schedule. We are able to provide a certificate of destruction for every clearance.


Our secure storage and warehouse network provides your business with a convenient, secure, cost efficient storage option. No matter whether goods are stored on a long-term, short-term or seasonal basis, access to stored goods is never far away.

Paper Recycling

Instead of throwing away unwanted documents Allied can arrange to have approved contractors collect your unwanted documents and recycle them.
Clearly marked recycling bins will allow your employees to simply collate paper suitable for recycling. Allied Pickfords will organize to have these papers collected, on a rotation that best suits your needs, and recycled into pulp for future use.

Refurbishment Program

Whether you need to rebuild, upgrade or downgrade your facilities, Allied can organise, such things as the replacement of carpet, installation or removal of office walls, computers, data, cabling, power and telephones, etc. Whether you need to redecorate your new facilities or take down an old work area, Allied Pickfords can organise this as part of a comprehensive relocation service.

Additional Services

Allied Pickfords’ comprehensive service offering ensures your relocation is seamless with these additional services, some of which we will arrange on your behalf:

  • Telephone connections
  • Cabling
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing services
  • Workstation and shelving installation and assembly
  • Pallet racking
  • Safes