The Moving Process  

Five Easy Steps to Moving Successfully

Step 1.  Task IdentificationTask Identification

  • Taking your brief. We listen carefully to your specific requirements and expectations, and then develop a detailed task specification to meet your requirements.

 Step 2.  Pre-PlanningPre-Planning

  • Preparing your staff for moving.  Preparation Guides are provided and explained to assist the Project Administration and staff with any nominated self-packing.
  • Project supervisor nominated and briefed.  A Project Supervisor is nominated who will act as the Coordinator and primary liaison person during the relocation.
  • Relocation management and contingency planning.  The Relocation Management Team is assembled to discuss critical path planning and any variables that may requirement amendment to standard procedures.
  • Site protection plan.  A Protection Plan is discussed and documented to ensure no damage occurs to doors, walls or flooring.
  • Insurance organised.  Insurance options are discussed and appropriate cover agreed for the duration of the relocation.

Step 3.  Approaching the Relocation

  • Pre-relocation briefing meeting.  Conduct a pre-relocation meeting, on your site, with all relevant persons to determine relocation process.
  • Packaging delivered.  All packaging materials, colour coded labels etc, are delivered 3 – 4 days prior to the move.
  • Self-packing advice.  Further personal advice tips, techniques and support are given to support documented self-packing guidelines.
  • Project supervisor.  A Project Advisor is nominated and will act as the Coordinator and primary liaison person for your relocation.
  • Project status confirmed.  A final project status review is conducted to highlight any last minute amendments to specification. This is communicated to those involved.
  • Site protection installed.  Protective materials and coverings are installed in ‘at risk’ areas in preparation for moving.

Step 4.  During the RelocationDuring the Relocation

  • Team assembly and briefing.  The Relocation Team is assembled and are fully briefed on their job specifications, site hazards and O.H.S. requirements.
  • Specialist team gets to work.  Specialised personnel are deployed to specific tasks e.g. workstation preparations, records packing, vehicle loading, etc.
  • Procedural checklists followed.  The Project Supervisor ensures all pre-determined operational checklists are adhered to during the moving process.
  • Conduct tool talks as required.
  • Re-instatement at your new location.  In conjunction with the client, all relocated items are carefully sited as per the agreed floor plan.
  • Final job completion sign-off.  After a final walk-through of the new layout by the Project Supervisor and client, a final sign off is completed.

Step 5.  After the Relocation

  • The following day.  Any additional re-arrangement of items may be serviced and further unpacking advice or assistance given.
  • Packaging removed.  When all moving related packing material has been emptied we will remove from your premises.
  • Future assistance.  Ongoing assistance may be provided post-relocation: layout plans, general handyman support or other assistance where required.