Types of Moves  


Office Relocations

A Fast, Efficient, Professional Service

When you relocate with Allied Pickfords, you are in good hands. We have more office relocation experience than any other company in Australia. Our many years of corporate relocation activity mean we understand the industry. We are dedicated to ensuring your office relocation is completed effectively and efficiently with minimal disruption to your employees.

Everything You Need

We are able to do it all for you, from a small office relocation or a major corporate relocation. We have the expertise, systems and specialist equipment on hand to deliver the best relocation.

Experienced Planning And Critical Path Development

A major key to success in any office relocation is pre-move planning, something we take very seriously. Every aspect of your move will be planned in advance with a detailed critical path to ensure tasks happen in a logical and efficient time sequence. Your staff will be provided with written guidelines about their part in the office relocation preparation. We will also provide you with checklists to address every contingency.

Project Management Expertise For the Modern Office

The Allied Pickfords Project Management Team has the experience to oversee and direct each stage of your move. From the dismantling of workstations and safe handling and transport of computer equipment using specifically designed trolleys to workstation re-assembly and placement. Our Project Management Team leaves nothing to chance.

Back To Work On The Next Working Day

Our aim is to minimise your organizations downtime and should you wish to take advantage of our nightshift or weekend services, it is often possible to finish work one day in your existing premises, and start back the following working day at your new location. No fuss, no panic - just a fast, efficient, and totally reliable service.

Factory and Warehouse Relocations

Organised To Keep Your Business Going

Not every moving company is suitably capable of safely and efficiently executing factory or warehouse relocation. To successfully do so, it requires detailed planning, specialist equipment and prior experience. Allied Pickfords is a company that has experience and equipment to deal with all manner of industrial relocation and the track record to prove it.

Continuity Of Your Production and Business is Paramount

Because Allied Pickfords have been involved in so many factory and warehouse relocations, we fully appreciate that a primary requirement is to keep downtime to a minimum. For this reason, our Project Management Team will work with you to develop a pre-move plan that encompasses well considered sequential moving of plant and equipment, stock and materials. We thrive on challenge and have the experience to handle any project no matter the size.

Our Resource Is Second To None

Allied Pickfords will provide you with a team of well-qualified personnel to undertake your relocation. Our people understand the practicalities of moving machinery, materials and stock – both bulk and shelf. We utilise specialised equipment including forklifts, cranes, stock trolleys and the most appropriate transportation to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Safety First, For Your Staff and Ours

When you entrust your relocation to Allied Pickfords you’ll find we don’t take risks with your staff, or ours. We’re well aware of, and comply with, all health and safety requirements. From site hazard identification to safe lifting, loading and transport practices. We take our commitment to safety very seriously, including holding pre, mid and post relocation talks with our staff to ensure we are aware of potential hazards.


Full Service to Complement Refurbishment

We are able to offer full strip out and return services that will leave the designated hotel area in a bare state, allowing other tradespersons to commence the refurbishment process. Receipt, handling, storage and distribution of all new furniture and effects to each room can also be provided. We even remove all of the protective packing materials.

University and School Relocations

Limited Disruption

When moving a department, campus or school it is important to keep disruption to a minimum. We understand that you are constrained by a structured calendar, and because of your timetable, staff availability is minimal. After establishing well constructed plans, we will perform the relocation with minimal disruption in an efficient and effective manner.

Tracking System

Educational facilities can have a great deal of course-specific material that is integral to the education process. Allied Pickfords has a coding system that ensures all your materials are labelled, numbered and secured ensuring you are able retrieve specific items at short notice.

Computer and Peripheral Service

Allied Pickfords will decommission your computers, pack them in moisture-controlled computer bags and re-commission them at their new location.


As part of our Project Management, Allied Pickfords ensures that all appropriate departments and their staff are aware and are involved in the relocation. A fully informed staff ensures that all aspects of the relocation go to plan.

Library Relocations

Specialist Archive Relocation Service

The sequential transfer of libraries and archives requires specialised processes and skills. This is ensured by the use of specialised library trolleys and unique cataloguing systems that enable all documents and files to be relocated in sequence. Interfiling of your collection can also be provided when a detailed planning process has been agreed.

Working Together

Many of our customers work with us in long-term partnerships to whom we provide professional advice and consultancy on the full range of internal and external relocation services. In this more strategic role we are able to work with you in managing your work environment, including the movement of furniture and equipment wherever in the world you want it.

Hospital / Delicate Care

Specialised Care of Equipment and Patients

Hospital relocations can involve two areas that require special attention, the first where patients are involved and the second where specialist medical equipment is involved. As with all moves, hospital moves are also time critical. The cost of downtime has ramifications far greater than pure economic expense. When moving hospitals we focus our attention on managing people as well as equipment in a timely manner and we understand that at times we will need to work in special and sometimes sterile environments.


Allied Pickfords will provide you with a team of qualified personnel to undertake your corporate relocation. We will ensure your relocation is completed with minimum disruption through well conceived planning, specialised equipment and highly trained personnel.