Commitment to Performance  


Allied Pickfords is committed to providing management reports that are relevant and informative which fulfill a business need. Whilst Allied Pickfords has developed a variety of reporting formats to suit the needs of its other clients, Allied Pickfords will consult with you to customise the format, content and frequency of reporting, based on your company’s specific needs.

A key component of Allied Pickofrds' reporting process includes the establishment and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s. Over many years Allied Pickfords has worked with their clients to define service standards that Allied Pickfords will commit to each organisation and most importantly, how these will be measured based on the definition of Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.  Allied Pickfords will consult with you and your organisation to define KPI’s customised to suit your organisations requirements.

Once the assessment and measurement of each KPI has been established, Allied Pickfords will meet with your organisation at a frequency of their choosing to present how it has performed against the agreed KPI’s.

What follows is an example of the topics typically covered during these review meetings:

  • Summary of main activities during the quarter
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Activity summary
  • Removal summary by employee
  • Storage summary
  • Service issues addressed
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Service delivery enhancements proposed for next quarter
  • Discussion of future relocation needs